Six Septembers reading group

This is the website for the Six Septembers: Mathematics for the Humanist reading group, by Patrick Juola and Stephen Ramsay. The book is available on this site for group annotation using Hypothesis, and is also available here as a PDF.

To join the reading group, read our code of conduct and do any or all of the following:

Got questions? Email Quinn Dombrowski at or tweet @quinnanya.

Want to talk about it on Twitter? Use the hashtag #6septembers.

Getting started with Hypothesis

Follow the instructions on the Hypothesis site for creating an account on Hypothesis and installing the browser plugin. Once you've logged in, you can join the Six Septembers group.

Go to the online version of Six Septembers, and click the Hypothesis icon in your browser (1). Make sure that you're looking at annotations in the Six Septembers group (2); if you see something other than "Six Septembers" in the upper left area of the Hypothesis pane, click on that text and select "Six Septembers". If you don't see "Six Septembers" listed as an option, make sure you've joined the Six Septembers group. You should be able to see the test annotation (3) if everything is set up correctly. Once you can see that, you can start adding your own annotations to the text. These annotations will only be visible to members of the "Six Septembers" group.